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Love, 6x6", oil on panel 

Roses, 6x6" oil on panel 

Sun Fish, 9x5, oil on linen mounted to board 

Believing, 26x23," oil on canvas

Hope Is The Thing With Feathers, 12x9", oil on canvas mounted to board 

Things, 7x7" oil on linen mounted to panel

Dreams on a Chair, 2.75x1.4 ft., oil on canvas

Quit Kicking Me Under The Table, 2x2 ft., oil on canvas 

Homage, 20x16", oil on canvas

Simple Abundance, 3x2ft., oil on marble on panel

Best To You, 4x3.9ft., diptych, oil on canvas mounted to board


Forget It, 25x25," oil on canvas

Everything is Okay, 4.75x3.75 ft., oil on canvas

Brooke- All Your Horses, 24x18," oil on canvas

Fall Back, Way Back, 4x3ft., oil on canvas

Mommy and Eva,' 3x2ft., oil on linen

Breathe Deeper, 2.3x2.3ft., oil on canvas 

Last Night With You, 2x2ft., oil on canvas

Dream World, 16x15" oil on canvas

Alone In Menton, 12x9" oil on canvas

Red Prius, 30x24", oil on canvas

I Have Dreams, 2x1.5ft., oil on linen

What Do You Do With A Dream? 3x2ft., oil on canvas

Sun Moon River, 8x8," oil on panel 

Que Pena, Homeless Wanderer, 2.5x2ft., oil, acrylic and crayola crayon on canvas

Two Daughters and a Mother 20x16," oil on canvas

Hannah Pacitti, 2x1ft., oil on canvas

Home, Life, 2x1.5ft. oil on panel

Emmishka, 2x1.5 ft., oil on canvas

Fade Into You, 8x8" oil on canvas

How Many Times Can A Heart Break Open? 15x13," oil on linen

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